I was born in 1992 and I am an artist and craftsperson based in Skerries, Dublin. My work is generally split between three disciplines, painting, ceramics and textiles.

My ceramic work focuses on fine, contemporary tableware that champions the clay and highlights its properties.

My painting work has been a mixture of landscapes, still life and most prominently
portraiture in oils.

My textiles include work created by crochet and tatting. I enjoy the intricacy and heritage of Irish lace and create fine jewellery pieces and garments.

The craft and process behind my work is as important to me as the end result and I am always looking for ways to merge and connect my skills from different practices.

My ceramic tableware is made with the idea that every day actions can be made into a special moment that can be shared with friends or enjoyed alone. The elegant proportions and fine nature of the pieces encourages the user to slow down and savour the experience of using this tableware.

The main focus of my recent paintings have been storytelling through portraiture. I studied for two years in Florence, Italy pursuing the tradition of atelier teaching at Charles H. Cecil Studios. I use my background in figurative art to fuel work based on mythology and symbolism, creating work that has the sensibility of historically classical portraiture but is grounded with contemporary visuals that allows
the viewer feel more connected with the piece.